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  • I’m currently running a B2evolution blog that is up to date (v2.4.2) and I want to change it to WordPress (v2.6.1).

    The instructions on the Import page ( are sorely out of date. It references an old script that doesn’t work on modern B2Evo installs.

    Unfortunately, the MT import method is a last ditch brute force approach that is inefficient and will result in a loss of fidelity.

    It’s also worth noting that a WordPress -> B2Evo importer is part of the default package for B2Evo, so its a shame the opposite isn’t true, or is it largely the case that people move from WordPress to B2Evo and not the other way round?

    I’m new to WordPress and have only basic PHP skills, so I don’t have the talen or confidence to write the script myself.

    Please please can someone help?

    And either way, someone needs to update the import docs. It also talks of a B2 script, which isn’t even there in 2.6.1.

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  • Looks like there’s no helping me, so I’ll have to stick with B2Evo for the time being. Boo.

    1. Download the conversion script and rename it to .php rather than .php.txt
    2. Take a backup of your b2evolution database, just in case (if you’re on Windows, SQLyog is a good, free program for working with MySQL databases).
    3. Download the latest version of WordPress and upload it to your site using your FTP program. You don’t have to delete the b2evolution files yet. You will have to overwrite the existing index.php file with the one from WordPress though.
    4. Make sure you know the connection details for you b2evolution database – if you’re not sure, you can find the information in the _config.php file of your b2evolution install (in the conf folder).
    5. Fire up your browser and go to []/wp-admin/install.php. Run through the normal WordPress install procedure, but make sure you enter the same database details you use for b2evolution (including the database name). This will create the required WordPress tables alongside your exisiting b2evolution tables in the one database.
    6. Upload import-b2evolution-wp2.php to your site, in the wp-admin folder, and fire it up in your browser: []/wp-admin/import-b2evolution-wp2.php. Follow the instructions, making sure to enter the same database details from the last step. You should hopefully see a success message, in which case your b2evolution posts, comments, links, users etc. will have been copied into the WordPress tables.
    7. Remember to delete the install.php and import-b2evolution-wp2.php files in the wp-admin folder. Now go to your blog’s home page, and you should see the default WordPress install, populated with your posts from b2evolution.
    8. If this has worked, you can safely delete your b2evolution files (be careful not to delete any files you might want to keep, such as those in your media or skins folders) and delete any database tables prefixed with evo_ (but don’t delete any prefixed with wp_).
    9. Permalinks. Obviously you don’t want to break the links to your old posts, which were probably in the format /year/month/day/post_title in b2evolution. If you turn on date and name based permalinks in WordPress, you’ll find spaces replaced with dashes rather than underscores in links for new posts. However, your old posts will still work even though they use underscores. Sweet.

    Hope that helps.


    Please tell me how it goes!

    Sorry, I noticed that the script listed above is obsolete.

    I’m still looking for the right way to do this as well…

    Nope, I’ve still not found a way to do this, so I may as well stick with B2Evo. Its not that I don’t like B2Evo, but I have had a few people ask me to setup/convert to WordPress for them and create custom templates… but it looks like I’ll just tell them to use B2Evo instead too.

    ‘m migrating from b2evo to wordpress too.. but.. till now havent launched my site using wordpress yet.

    I just migrated b2evo to wordpress.
    Hope the notes here will be helpful.


    Has anyone gotten this to working using the post above from GJames?


    GJames… just so I understand… You are charging $30 for someone like myself to obtain the script?

    Hi frazor,

    I took 10 hours to write that script. So I felt it is reasonable to charge…

    Hi jcpgroup,

    So far 3 people purchased the script/service and are happy with the outcome. I can show the demo at my server if you can send the database file. Once you are satisfied with the outcome, you can purchase the script/service if you wish..

    Hi frazor,

    I’ve updated the old b2 evolution import script to work with the new wordpress 2.7. I’ve tested it against a b2evo 1.10 installation and it works without any major flaw.

    You can download it on github:

    Please note that I’ve added some DELETE statements that delete all categories, posts, and comments upon importing: if you already have some data in your WP installation, you’d better either start off from a new one, or comment the DELETE statements in the code.

    Have fun! 🙂

    Huge thanks to Gisha (GJames). Using his service outlined at he had my site fully migrated in less than 24 hours.

    I’m 110% happy with the service.

    Hi vjt

    Thanks for the helpful code, it helps me A LOT.

    Works perfect to me.

    This is the real sharing!

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