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  • Ok. Last chance. I’ve requested it many, many times, but so far, everyone has zoomed right by it. I was asked to send in a DB dump of my site, and nada. I’m asking for a B2 Evolution to WordPress importer. I was considering trying to go through MT, but with their changes, I’m not even sure that is a good idea. Can someone either come up with an Evo to WP importer, or a template to go from B2Evo to MT to WP? Thanks in advance.

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  • running upgrade.php after the import will fix the post_date_gmt problem, along with a few odd problems.

    The upgrade.php thing didn’t work for me either, but I didn’t have any major issues, so I more or less just skipped it. The GMT field is empty for me as well though.

    I’ve fixed the GMT issue, and have posted the updated file on my blog at

    I take no credit for any of this though, it’s all fahim’s work – i just made a couple of changes.

    I got an error that I am assuming is because I am using a different version to the one that it was written for.

    an error about an unknown field ..

    All right sparky, this is where the actual import takes place! Do you feel lucky today? :p<br />
    Importing User records …<br />
    Invalid query: Unknown column ‘dateYMDhour’ in ‘field list’<br />
    gsblog_users (user_login,user_pass,user_firstname,user_lastname,user_nickname,user_icq,user_email,user_url,user_ip,user_domain,user_browser,dateYMDhour,user_level,user_aim,user_msn,user_yim,user_idmode) VALUES (’giles’,'a7050b133a7496ea15a181b722eb8db3′,’Giles’,'Shaxted’,'Shaggy’,'79223521′,’’,'’,'’,'’,'’,'2004-08-29 01:34:58′,’10′,’BarefootGiles’,'’,'Giles_99′,’firstname’);

    No posts seem to have been imported nor do any users (but i am the only user really)

    any help would be appreciated. I also tried the RSS import that said it worked .. but it didn’t … the trouble there is I have to import all blogs from my b2e site … and i only want the defualt one .. but no biggee … I so want wordpress now .. the lack of technical upgrading and desire to improve b2e is really disturbing.

    someone must know how to help me on this … wouldn’t it be nice to enable people using B2evolution (recent version now) to cross over to wordpress 1.5 (or recent version) … this is a great thing that someone made, can it be made to work again now ? please .. please with a cherry on top.

    same problem here 🙁

    All right sparky, this is where the actual import takes place! Do you feel lucky today? :p
    Importing User records …
    Invalid query: Unknown column ‘dateYMDhour’ in ‘field list’
    SQL : INSERT INTO wp_users (user_login,user_pass,user_firstname,user_lastname,user_nickname,user_icq,user_email,user_url,user_ip,user_domain,user_browser,dateYMDhour,user_level,user_aim,user_msn,user_yim,user_idmode) VALUES

    If you guys at wordpress can work this out there are loads of people on te B2evo forums who aren’t happy, it seems nice the whoel multiple blgo thing but most people use the multiple blog for friends list on the side or wishlists etc .. wordpress with it’s new page maker system now kicks it’s ass.

    But I need to be able to bring my posts over and i don’t know how to do it in RSS and the B2evo2wp.php ain’t working right now .. so comon sparky .. someonewho knows what up and whats down take control .. please !!

    Just to bring a solution to this website Dave Appleyard posted this in his personla thread on his site … and this solution worked for me from B2Evo Paris to WP 1.5

    Anyone who can’t get this to work, try this new script here: courtesy of Dave.

    Great script! It took me a while to find it, but it did the trick for me 🙂
    I did, however, have one problem, and wrote my own script to fix it. In the conversion, the b2evo permalink titles (post_urltitle in the posts table) are not preserved, i.e. post_title_here becomes post-title-here, which breaks existing links.
    The script I wrote is at, where you can also read more about it.
    Perhaps somebody would like to include it in the b2evo2wp.php script?

    Hi all,
    I’ve just finished hacking the updated version of the script and have made the following changes:
    – Now checks for WordPress install and loads DB info automatically: no more step 2!
    – Inserts post_name data so that permalinks on imported posts will work.
    – Cleaned up coding style and switched to WP functions wherever possible (i.e. for string sanitizing and db operations).
    – Trimmed out about 100 lines of code. (rename to .php, of course)
    Simply upload to your wp-admin folder and run.

    I’ve tested it on my own b2evo blog, but I’d welcome further testing and would be willing to fix any bugs that arise.

    Here’s the unified diff if anyone’s interested:

    Updated to import category hierarchy (parents and children) instead of just a flat list as before.

    Hi, I have a strict hosting plan on a shared server and scripts are killed if they take too much time or memory. And I get an email telling me to stop the script or they can close my account until I “fix” my scripts.

    So I would like to know if this b2evo to WP script operate in small chunk or import everything at once.

    Hi Roland, this script imports everything at once. Unless you have a very large blog or your host has ridiculous limits, however, I don’t believe you should have a problem. If you do, though, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help.

    ok I will give it a try. It will be killed at worst so I don’t have anything to loose. Thank you for your reply.

    Hey, this script seems to work really well. I’ve been playing around with it to try to get my stuff over so that I can swap progs without much trouble some time soon.

    Just a few caveats:
    If you have a ‘ in the name of a category, it’s going to choke. Easy enough to work around, since I only have one cat that has a ‘ in it, but there ought to be a way to escape these, no?

    Also, it would be absolutely awesome if it didn’t just import the categories, but also imported the blogs as top-level categories, and then insert the categories themselves as children of the top-level blog category. That would be ideal, since WP categories can do just about everything that multiple blogs can in b2evo, and then I could keep all my permalinks (mostly) stable through the transition.

    I’ve got a lot going on the next few weeks, but if no one else can get to this sooner than me, then I’ll probably look into it.

    Anyway, thanks for the script! It’s going to make this a lot easier.

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