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    Hi everybody,

    I don’t find any help on the french forum so I need your help.
    I’ve build a website with WP, called, which is a B2C website. At the homepage bottom, I’ve added a link : Profesionnal website for B2B target.
    My need is : a travel agent clicks on this link, have to login and see a different website from the classic user, called, with his own sitemap.

    2 questions :
    – How can I organise those 2 websites in wordpress with 2 homepages?
    – Which plugin allows me to give an access to the B2B target only? (as the rates won’t appear, I can have the same login/pw for all travel agents, the idea is that classic user can’t go to this part).

    Thanks in advance for your help guys and have a good day

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  • Sorry, but what’s B2C and B2B?

    B2C = business to consumers so a site for everyone compared to a B2B site = business to business, so professional only.

    Aaah okay.

    Install WordPress in
    Turn on Multisite
    Make a subsite for /pro/

    Now, out of the box you’ll have seperate sites, with their own homepages and sitemaps, but the same login/pw for both.

    Users will only have access to the sites you give them access to, so all you have to do is use a function to check if they’re members of the second site:

    If not, they can’t see anything 🙂

    Great thanks, it works perfectly, a nice sunday begins 🙂

    One last question: since I’ve done this, in Appearance, I only have Themes / Widgets… / Background. Before, under “Background” I had a Editor link to go directly t the php files and css.

    Why did it disappear, it was really practical. Can I get it back?
    Thanks for your help

    You have that, but only as the Network admin.

    Go to and look for themes.

    The reason for this is that you share themes for all sites, and only the network admin should be making edits 😉

    Yep, found it. Thanks for your help Mika.
    Bonne continuation

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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