• I spent hours looking for this hack but i wasnt able to find it, im sure you guys have it though.
    I used to use b2 as a blogging program but it screwed up, my site was hacked, spams, etc. so i saved my b2 sql and deleted b2.
    Now I installed wordpress and i want to be able to add my old b2 posts to wordpress since I have posts that go back to 2003.
    Is there a way i can add my b2 posts to wordpress using my sql without having to lose it all, I also have new posts on wordpress and i dont want to lose those either.
    I’m very new at wordpress but i really have no idea how anything works. Please help and let me know where i can find the hack or whatever so i can fix this little problem. Thank you

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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