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b-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z *SLAP!*

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  • Nice. Now I can report the very small errors I’ve found properly.

    Hi shelleyp. I thought you were famililar with php and diffs. That’s why my query consisted of a patch file. We may do a 1.2.1, or we may just do a 1.3 that includes bugfixes and some small feature work.
    Right now, bug fixes will be released in the next release, whatever that next release may be. Developers cannot provide files against 1.2 that just contain one bug fix. Backporting every bug fix is not going to happen. Of course, anyone who wants to provide a backport for the community is welcome to do so.
    Everyone is welcome to debate process. Let’s keep that debate in the forums, however. Bug trackers often turn into process debating societies. Let’s try to avoid that.

    The bug bouncing is my own unfamiliarity with this particular bug system.

    I’m thrilled with the Mantis installation. It’s great to have a place to lodge a bug, and know that I have a permanent reference to it.
    I suggest that future releases all contain lists of bug IDs that have been resolved with that release. This will help bug reports track their bugs and ensure that they are, in fact, fixed correctly.
    Keep up the great work, everyone!

    BTW, your bug is fixed, skippy. 🙂

    Yeah, I saw that. I know that _new_ challenges will result from using a formal bug tracker, but for a lot of these little quickie problems (like both that I’ve reported today), it’s great to lodge the report and get authoritative confirmation that something’s been done about it!
    If you guys ever need any kind of triage or coordination help, let me know. I’ll help as best I can.




    I like the fact that it is open, unlike how Tasks was setup. The public can now see how things are progressing.
    Good job rboren!

    As the tracker grows, we’ll need to get a Swat Team together to triage bugs. A Swat Team member would do things like mark duplicate bugs, mark bugs as confirmed if they can be reproduced, make sure the bug has a reasonable severity, request information if the bug is unclear, and direct support questions away from the tracker and to the forums. Which brings me to rule #1 of the bug tracker: The bug tracker is not a forum.
    The bug tracker is not a howto forum. Support questions go in the support forums. The bug tracker is not a chat room. Take it to the forums. The bug tracker is not the place for your political discursions on what WordPress should and shouldn’t do and how it should be run. Take it to the forums. The bug tracker is for tracking bugs. Cool? Cool.
    A thing to remember, I as a developer am notified via email of every change that occurs to bugs assigned to me. If I am overwhelmed with garbage emails resulting from abuse of the bug tracker, the usefulness of the bug tracker will be degraded.

    You’re right, rboren. And I’ve not been helping the process.
    I think this is a good step in the right direction, and now that I better understand why you did what I did, I can see the reasoning for it. Yours is a traceability and accountability system — makes more sense now.
    I am used to bug systems, which also act as feedback for testing, as verification of fix, requiring more communication. But that’s a different type of application process. As you’ve said, that’s not the direction you’ve gone, and I have no right to question this. All I’m doing is being a pain in the butt.
    Good luck with it. It’s good to see you’ve incorporated a bug system.

    rboren – Can you check to see why I haven’t received the Mosquito loging password to my email account? I used “randybrown” as my username. Created the account several days ago.

    Quick request: can’t Mosquito used a version field?
    There are some bugs for example where it’s not clear whether the reporter used 1.2 or a nightly, and that’s definitely useful information.

    It’s on the advanced bug report page. We need to put it on the simple page. Such a critical piece of information should be on the simple page by default, IMO, but Mantis does not agree.

    Matt – I tried to create another account. Double-checked the email – it like the first one I used is active, doesn’t have any type of sophisticated spam protection, etc. Still no response from the bug tracker. I’d rather not use it as an anonymous user. Any other ideas?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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