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  • Permalinks can sometimes glitch up WordPress in regard to relative linking. This appears especially true when wordpress is in a subfolder. It looks like you have the Pixgallery cache option entry as wp-content/uploads/cache/ as opposed to /wp-content/uploads/cache/ in the options menu. Try setting it the second way. I suspect though this might reverse your problem. It appears that different server configurations tolerate things differently and simply will fail when other servers will work. Strange stuff.
    I’m working on an overall fix to conpensate for the subfolder/fancy permalink issue and will be putting it in the next release.

    Hey, thanks for the reply. Nope, changing the cache address doesn’t work. If I place the / at the beginning I don’t see any thumbs. Do you think it’s just because I have WP set up in a sub-directory? Because this is just a test site and it won’t be in a sub-directory on my main site when I go live. Do you have examples of sites using this? I’d love to see how other people have it set up so I can get it to work. Except for this little glitch, I love the plug-in, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    Due to the way WordPress does relative links, you can get some weird behavior if you combine custom permalinks with a sub folder. It’s also somewhat due to the way different servers interpret links.

    If you look at you can see multiple folders (art, snapshots) and how they work. I also have 2 example galleries on on the pixgallery page at the bottom that show how the different captions work.

    Yep, I see what you’re saying. It works fine if I shut off the custom links. Hmmm. I’ll have to play with it a little more. The site I’m going to use this on needs to be SEO friendly. So custom links are pretty much a must. Thanks for your help. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Well, fancy permalinks in and of themselves don’t always cause an issue. If you look at I use fancy permalinks and the gallery works properly on the awsom pixgallery product page (scroll to the bottom). It’s the combination of sub folder and permalinks that I think can cause it. There are certain X factors I haven’t discovered yet though that cause one server to work and another to fail, but both pretty much doing the same thing in terms of set up.

    What I’m gonna do is set this test site up without the subfolder and see if that does the trick. I should get to that in the next day or so. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again.

    Hey … good news. I changed the test site so the blog homepage is on the root directory. All seems well with the thumbs and custom links. Now comes the massive task of moving all of my content to WordPress. Wish me luck. Thanks for all your help.


    glad it worked out. Keep checking back, more updates will be coming.

    There is another problem with thumbnails in Awsom PixGallery. Actually take it as a suggestion. I want a feature where I can stop PixGallery from thumbnailing pictures in posts. It should concentrate only on pictures in gallery. It resizes or changes post images size and end result is it does not get displayed properly in feeds. So I want to stop its intereference in images embedded in posts.

    It should only work on images in gallery folder.

    Pixgallery has 2 functions: a global resize ability and a specific gallery display ability. If you don’t want the global turned on change the setting for “resize images in photos path” in the pixgallery options area to have both width and height set to 0.

    If what you are asking though is have post galleries act differently than page galleries–that’s an upcoming feature that will have specific gallery display options per gallery as well as a global option.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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