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  • Hi,
    I use BackWPup on a number of different sites, on different web hosts.
    Overnight a number of jobs failed (on completely different websites) with an error that the S3 bucket I am writing to does not exist.

    Checking the job it seems that my AWS Secret key field is now blank.
    Some of these sites are basically static with very few changes over time. It seems very strange to me that this data would go missing in this pattern (several on the same day)

    Is the key stored in a WP transient?
    I have not recently made updates to these sites (either content, to the WordPress version, or to BackWPup).

    Any thoughts?

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  • I have also seen this on one site.

    Thread Starter mikehealy


    With some pointers from @webaware I can see that my S3 Secret Key fails to decrypt from BackWPup_Encryption::decrypt.

    I put some debugging code in place and I can see that BackWPup_Option::get( $jobid, ‘s3secretkey’ ) successfully receives the encrypted key from the DB, but that the result of the BackWPup_Encryption::decrypt call is an empty string.

    I haven’t yet dug further to see why that is failing.

    I can confirm, I experience the same issue (S3 Secret key is entered, however the auth is not working and therefore backups fail with “ERROR: S3 Bucket “…” does not exist!”).
    The strange thing however is that it only occurs on some websites that I control, not all of them (all of them are WordPress 5.5.1 and BackWPUp 3.8.0).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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