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  • Not at the moment. AWS SDK V3 requires PHP 5.5+, which is preventing us from upgrading at this time.

    Ok, thanks for the fast reply!

    I know you answered this three months ago but thought I’d ask now. Any plans? I am writing a plugin for a client who utilizes this plugin but the plugin I’m writing is dependent upon V3. I’m currently getting conflicts when trying to use both.

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    Hi, it seems the plugin “Seriously Simple Podcasting” has updated to aws V3 and it breaks offload s3 totally, with errors like:

    There was an error attempting to check the permissions of the bucket westwood-wp: Error retrieving credentials from the instance profile metadata server. (Client error:GET in a404 Not Foundresponse: not found )


    Error fetching buckets — Missing required client configuration options: region: (string) A "region" configuration value is required for the "s3" service (e.g., "us-west-2"). A list of available public regions and endpoints can be found at`

    I’m unsure whether it’s going to turn out to be their fault or yours, but I’d hope that if both were using V3 the problem might magically disappear? I’ll stay on a non-v3 version of their plugin for now.

    Ah, @mattcholawo, you figured out my problem. I am having the same issues and couldn’t figure out why.

    @jasonlfunk looks like ssp have downgraded to v2 now so it should be resolved.

    Are there any news on this topic? We would really need the v3 sdk to be able to use IAM Roles for tasks. This requires PHP SDK 3.18.28 or later (
    Wouldn’t it be an option to have a hybrid version to fallback to AWS SDK 2 if the PHP version is too old to support AWS SDK 3?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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