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  • Are you sure that they work in weblibrarian?

    Option settings ask for public & private key…..

    Plugin Author Robert Heller


    Access Key ID = public key
    Secret Access Key = private key

    AWS changed the names since I originally wrote the original AWS code (in HL3). You also need to get an ‘Associate Tag’ — this would be under Amazon’s Affilate program somewhere. Either Google will find it or Amazon’s own help system / FAQ will contain a pointer.

    ok, but…….it’s too strong to get an associate tag.

    We are a “no profit” association that has circa 1600 books about “art”.
    We need to catalogate the books in our wordpress site to allow visitors to search within the library.

    we would need to speed up data entry by accessing books through amazon by isbn code (like Calibre do for example)

    this plugin can do for us?

    Plugin Author Robert Heller


    Getting an associate tag is pretty painless — it is free, as is getting a AWS account — they only charge for some services (eg using their cloud backup and compute services). Merely accessing their product database services is free. Normally, this is meant for ‘associates’ (affilates) to grab advertising information for products Amazon sells (eg books and other stuff), and when Amazon makes a sale from an associate’s (affilate’s) website, Amazon pays out a percentage of the sale to the associate. By letting people access to Amazon’s product database in this way, Amazon expects to realize added income.

    The alternitive is just open a separate browser window / tab and ‘manually’ copy and paste from Amazon’s normal product pages. You can do things either way — the Web Librarian plugin will still work without the AWS & associate tag options, you just won’t have the Amazon lookup feature available.

    Amazon’s product DB is easier to get data from than doing something like grabing MARC records from the Library of Congress (something I also looked at).

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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