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  1. dungey140
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    Hi there.

    I am looking to do a brand new install of WordPress for a client on their AWS account. Now, having never used AWS before, I am slightly concerned that this solution is over complex. I am used to using my own shared server with cPanel.

    Essentially what I am trying to achieve is:
    1. Set up AWS with the required elements (ideally should scale automatically based on usage). Including the database.
    2. Point a custom domain to the AWS DNS.
    3. Ideally, I would like to set up a beta environment for the build i.e beta.mydomain.com and then easily transfer across to http://www.mydomain.com when ready to go live.
    4. Once configured, is it possible to access and edit/upload files to the server via FTP as easily as if it were on shared hosting?

    This all seems more complex than I initially thought, and I am used to working with servers and generally know my way around, but AWS seems like a whole new level of server management - how much do Amazon take care of for you?

    Any help much appreciated,

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