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    I like that the free version holds nothing back, other than a one map limitation (which is fair). This allows testing of all the features.

    On that note, I discovered that there are some problems with the map editing – It’s awkward and difficult to work with. However I believe there are some simple solutions to this.

    1. The editing layout, having the map above the edit tools is the biggest issue. As I start to create a list of markers, the map has to be scrolled out of sight to get to the last marker item. This makes it so I can’t see the ‘bouncing’ marker to know which one I’m editing. Like the WordPress page/post editor you should have the map in the middle column and the edit tools in the far right column. Also the edit tools column should scroll without scrolling the map.

    2. Creating/Editing Info Windows. When I select a marker to add an Info Window, it should automatically take on the same title as the marker. Also the same problem as in #1, can’t tell which Info Window belongs to which marker. An easy fix for this I think is the Info Windows should not be separate tool from the marker editor rather amalgamate it (Info Window fields with the marker edit fields eliminating the need for the separate tool window). I also want to mention that when all the Info Windows open on the map when editing the Info Windows it shows the sample content not the real content. By the way I rather not have them open as it covers all the other markers and I have to close them all manually.

    3. As in my earlier post the marker editor should include the same fields as Map Position along with title and icon. It just makes it so much easier to set the marker.

    4. Map Position should be part of map settings and Map Style should be part of Map Size. Now there should only be three tool windows instead of six (this will make it so you don’t have to scroll so much).

    5. Map displayed in the editor should reflect the map position and size set in the settings (unless the setting is larger than the map editor column the map is displayed in, if larger use scroll bars).

    I realize that this is version one and that you are probably busy working on other things, however I just wanted to get these suggestions in before things get set the way they are permanently.

    Thank you for the great plugin.

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    Have you seen the Documentation?

    Thread Starter schulz


    yes, just what do you want me to look for in it?

    I am not saying that it’s not working nor that I can’t use it – I can use it and it does what I need it to do.

    Just saying the layout could use some improvements and gave some ideas that might make it a little more intuitive and easier to work with it.

    Again it is version one, and I’m sure you have some tweaks in mind for it. I just hope you consider my suggestions.

    Thanks again and hope that this plugin does well.

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    Hi schulz,
    Okay, point noted. We will change some UI in the plugin in coming updates. Thank you for using our plugin. We will make these improvements ASAP.
    Don’t forget to review plugin, high rating would be appreciated; & share your thoughts about our plugin.

    Best Regards,

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