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  • Resolved damian.smith


    I set subscribers to restricted access to posts – but when I log in as a subscriber I can still access the posts.

    Plus I now have a message saying “You riched the limit. Get AAM Plus Package to unlock the feature.” and now I am unable to change any settings. (and no that is not my spelling mistake, it is apart of the plugin)

    The UI is pretty bad too, you have to put a cross next to the item you want to restrict, it should be a tick to say “yes I want to restrict this one”

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  • Plugin Author Vasyl Martyniuk


    Hi damian.smith,
    Appreciate your feedback. The spelling will be fixed. Thank you for that.
    The cross and check evolved historically to highlight what actually checkbox does.
    AAM has limitation on restrictions and it is up to five. But there are a lot of other features that we give for free.
    We also believe that true professional asks questions first and write a good feedback to help to improve free product. We have good customer support and so far resolved all issues.
    From other side, cheap people prefer to blame and scream that everything is bad.
    Who are you damian.smith?

    Appreciate your time and interest in AAM.

    This is a very bad plugin I will recommend you do whatever you can to avoid it and very soon i will post the permission damages it has caused to my site and how the author wont support in the removing of the damages. they will only support you if you wish to keep it on, meaning if it messes your website you are stuck with them forever.

    Since there seems to be some unfair bashing I will chime in here. To be honest Vasyl has been extremely helpful with support, and although the major update had some bugs he fixed them rather quickly. To publicly bash someone though is not something really acceptable. The fact is, is that he worked hard on this and it shows, to pay $35 is barely anything for the features provided. @fashionghana you need to keep the plugin on to fix the permissions because it doesn’t work like a normal plugin where you delete it and it goes away, it modifies core permission that CAN be fixed because Vasyl fixed mine for me so I can say he did it, and did it well. With that said I think you should at least make an attempt to allow the author to fix the issue by following what he says, and if you can’t do that, then don’t expect to be helped by him. To add to it all, you started trashing an amazing plugin for something that went wrong that you won’t even allow Vasyl to fix. I have been pissed to and yelled at Vasyl in emails before, but when you calm down and take a deep breath he can fix it.

    Good grief. This is a *FREE* plugin. Have some respect. If you don’t like what the author has done, write your own plugin.

    Many users like myself greatly appreciate the work Vasyl has done in making the functionality of this plugin available.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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