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  • I’d like a lot the way this plugin works, however I’ve found a bit hacky, it certainly does a great work and It’s a very simple way for people who doesn’t understand a lot of jQuery, and once you grasp the idea, it’s pretty easy to change a bit the way the AJAX loads, in example instead of overwriting my current page with any of the templates, I just turn a bit translucent the content, and only if the target page loads properly, scroll to the new content.

    Just like you’ve watched on David Walsh’ blog!

    I’ve even been able to load a player from another site in one of the blogs I’m working on, but all of this has started studying the code of this plugin. I love the comments, they are very funny and are very illustrative of what the heck is going on… 🙂

    I’m looking forward to make some other improvements to the code in my sites, and once I get more confidence with AJAX, I’d love to share these on the forums.

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