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    1. I misunderstood / confused with terms – because in Blogger there is only “Labels” and in WordPress there are “Categories” and “Tags”. Keep the total number of Categories & Tags to a minimum.

    –which would mean, example: if you listed all you tags and categories in a word-processor and the character count is 200, you need to trim your tags or categories.

    –this is because WordPress is now too different from Blogger.
    –there are only “Labels” on Blogger.

    2. Using the latest WordPress version and this Plugin, all my Posts got exported perfectly into Blogger.

    3. Even though the Plugin only exports Posts and not “images” / “media” – the bulk of the work I needed was text with formatting intact.

    This brilliant plugin has delivered as promised.

    4. The almost 7 MB XML file imported all my WordPress Posts in about 50 minutes.

    Thank You so much to the creators of this App. Hope your work gets recognition.

    Best wishes,

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