• We decided to use WordPress for a support site for our online store because the plugins allow adding some quick functionality without too much fuss, expense or programming.

    We selected the Connections Business Directory plugin after reading the reviews, the level of author support and the cost. There are quite a few sites that showcased some of what is possible and so we dived in – I should also mention I am not an advanced WP user.

    Using the plugin we just finished laying out a number of contractor search portals for our customers which will allow them to search by zipcode radius, or by multiple categories such state and by the types of services offered. We are able to map multiple addresses and the structure is versatile enough that I can see additional uses.

    I got stuck in a few places while developing it do to my lack of knowledge but the author was very responsive on the forums and pointed me in the right direction – and in a couple of cases even supplied drop in code.

    I am extremely satisfied by this plugin and recommend it for your consideration if you need to build any type of searchable directory.

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