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  • Ultimate Peter


    So, I recently migrated all posts and products from Drupal to WordPress, while switching webhosts, but keeping same domain for my work’s site:
    This plugin is a godsend, because although our entire directory structure has now changed, I did migrate the posts. So I bring up the 404 redirector, it tells me which pages people are trying to get to and are receiving 404’s. It redirects a lot of the traffic automatically (I haven’t really looked at this closely yet to see if it is doing a good job of guessing). Otherwise, the ones that are still missing, I just click on and using a drop-down I can select the post it is trying for. Voila! Now future hits for that post or page will go to the right one.

    What I think would be better: I go to the second tab, “Captured 404 URLs” and then I click twice on the “hits” column in order to see which pages are getting high numbers of bad hits. Obviously I want to fix the ones with highest traffic first. So, I edit the redirect… I want to head straight down the line and go from highest traffic on down… But, every time I create a redirect, then it reloads to the “Page Redirects” tab. Then I have to click on the second tab again, then click on hits twice again, then I am back where I want to be. I have to do this every time. I think it would be very useful if the main default page were the one with most important missed links, so you can fix them in a row, most important to least. Otherwise, it is like 3 or 4 clicks in between each edit.

    Thanks for the great plugin though, it does the job!

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