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  • shariqkhan2012


    I will not be brief in review as there is o much I want to say about this beauty of a plugin!!!

    Its been about 3 weeks that I have installed ElasticPress on my WordPress installation.
    My setup is a Multi-site installation and is intended to have at-least 500+ sub-sites in it. On top of it the search feature is supposed o search within the entire network. With 500+ sites, the other “global search” plugins hat I tried were:
    1. either unable to support searching the entire network
    2. or just so long (5+ minutes) that page eventually timed out.

    At that time I git a whiff of ELasticSearch and eventually ElasticPress and implemented on my test setup ( with 1k sites and 20 posts and 20 custom posts per sites- so 40k posts across the network) and the search just worked beautifully.
    Though it required a bit of knowledge of WP-CLI (another super-awesome tool) to automate many steps (setting up 1000 sites) in general and execute ElasticPress commands in particular.

    More than WP-CLI, it is requiring a bit of knowledge of ElasticSearch, that is in order here to harness the full benefit of this plugin.

    Of course there are a few issues which need ironing out. But then, which software does not have it?

    Since there is no GUI or admin panel to control/setup ElasticPress, you have to read the documentation very carefully.

    Read the review of @iamwordimpressed for more details.

    So, summarizing it: if you are ready to learn a bit of command-line, and ElasticSearch, and ready to read the dcoumentation, then there is nothing that can beat this plugin for search functionality and especially when you have a big multisite network and you need your visitors to be able to search ACROSS your ENTIRE netwrok.

    P.S. I would have loved to mention my website url here, for interested folks to check it out its power, but it is not fully ready yet and secondly, I dont know if forum rules allow it. Most importantly I am not sure if authors of the plugin would like the idea or not.
    If authors are fine, and it does not violate any forum rules, then I would definitely give my website details here.

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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    I dont know if forum rules allow it.

    Don’t post a link as the reviews are about the plugin. Aside from that…

    Thank you for posting such a well written review of this plugin. 😉

    Hi. Sorry for “hijacking” the review.
    @shariqkhan2012, I also want to use elasticsearch in a large multisite installation. Do you have some notes/tutorial, I can follow?

    Hi @lenasterg. My replying here would mean hijacking the thread again. DOnt want to do that. Do you have alternate means?

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