• I host my WP site on Google Cloud Platform. When you install WP on GCP Email is not set up as standard. WP Mail SMTP is bundled with WP Certified by Bitnami for a reason. It is a breeze to get your WP core emails (User Reg, Woo Orders, PW Reset, etc).

    WP Forms have a link in the plugin that takes you to their docs to install.

    What I will say is if you rekey your SSL then you will probably have to create a new G Mail API as I rekeyed and the only way I could get mail working again was to redo the Google bit. I jumped off the deep end moaning at WP Forms that their plugin didn’t carry out a full delete of data when deleting the plugin. It does, in the misc section of the settings. I didn’t look correctly so went on a Twitter moan (SMH). Many apologies WP Forms.

    Can highly recommend the use of this plugin.

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