• I’m using it on my portfolio and web resource site. It helped me a lot as it made sharing my posts easier. It also has a feature that allows me to show my other posts to my readers.

    There is this feature called monetization too that allows you to earn commissions by sharing posts from other websites. I have disabled this feature in favor of promoting my own posts though. This feature is optional.

    Now, I might have a slight problem with the “you may also like” posts showed. And hopefully, a feature that allows you to show these posts base on high relevance would be added. Currently, it’s showing posts randomly and some of these posts don’t have significance to the current post my readers are reading. Adding this feature would really make this plugin perfect.

    For now, a 3-star

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  • Be very aware with the monetization. After each update you will have to disable it again. That’s the reason I uninstalled the plugin.

    Plugin Author shareaholic


    @kcaluwae We are not aware of the issue that you describe that settings reset on upgrade. If and when you upgrade Shareaholic for WordPress, settings should not reset. If that is happening or happened for you, I would appreciate if you would reach out as we would like to get to the bottom of this and prevent this from happening to others, but again, we have not received any confirmed reports of this happening. It is not intentional by any means and it would be super annoying if it did… — jay at shareaholic.com

    @altometa Thank you for the review. If you connect your WP plugin to Shareaholic.com and head over to Shareaholic.com to manage your settings, you will discover a host of very advanced customization options for Related Posts. We believe this to be the most advanced Related Posts product in the market today and stand by it. You can customize the algorithm to the pool of content to recommend. Complete power in your hands 🙂


    The link filter for the you may also like feature doesn’t work. I tried filtering some pages from my website, one of them is this https://www.altometa.com/rl_gallery/digital-art-portfolio-images/ and it’s still showing up in the you may also like post although I already configured it not to show up in your site’s dashboard. Can you please fix this?


    Plugin Author shareaholic


    @altometa Just saw your last post (didn’t get an alert…).

    A heads up – I noticed that all your meta tags are set incorrectly, which is causing all the issues, including shares posts missing images:


    <meta property="og:url" content="/rl_gallery/digital-art-portfolio-images/" />

    Should be:

    <meta property="og:url" content="https://www.altometa.com/rl_gallery/digital-art-portfolio-images/" />

    Perhaps a plugin is modifying these?

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