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  • When I originally posted this review I said . . .

    This plugin does exactly what I need it to do . . . exactly! The only part that is frustrating is the lack of documentation/examples. Yes, I want to be lead by the hand, so sue me. Love the plugin, hate the documentation.

    Now that I’ve paid for the pro version I’m updating my review to a two star rating. I think reviews that say “it sucks” or “it’s bad” aren’t of much use so I’m taking the time to tell you why it’s not worth five stars.

    The logical approach to a lexicon/encyclopedia app/plugin is to display a prefix filter and restrict the index of terms to the selected prefix. This plugin does not do that. Plugin users have the choice of displaying all terms in the index or arbitrarily choosing the number of terms displayed. If the list of terms is restricted, the terms displayed are not going to start with whatever was chosen in the prefix filter. Yup, if you choose “K” in the prefix filter, the index is still going to show “A” items. Charming. The index will always show, starting at “A”, either the full index (in my case 1987 items) or it will show, again starting at “A”, the number of items chosen in the widget. Yup, it’s really that bad. If you choose this plugin, know that you will have to wait seconds to minutes to have the next feature of the plugin available for use or you will get a 404 error.

    Excerpts shown in the archive page are going to be full length. You will need an additional plugin (Advanced Excerpt) to trim the excerpt length to something reasonable. If your terms run to pages of information, without an additional plugin to manage excerpt length the entire definition of the term will be displayed. Again, charming (not).

    If you’ve read any other less than five star reviews you’ll quickly realize the documentation sucks. Truly. It’s woefully inadequate and misses the total concept of “how to”.

    And finally, the plugin is easily overwhelmed/disabled by themes. Yup, it doesn’t work with all themes. If you’re stuck test driving this sucker and need a theme that will work, Bootstrap Basic4 works. You can add to the theme’s layout by using the Nimble plugin.

    The premise of this theme is awesome. Unfortunately, it doesn’t live up to its promise. The logical function isn’t what’s happening here.

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