• So … totally cool, and can I just say it’s amazing that this seems to be the only plugin that adds hover text to text? Image hovers just seem dumb to me … because they cover the image. That’s what a caption is for. Anywho if the yellow background made you want to puke, like it did me try this hack (newbies: go to this plug-in, click “edit”, then search for “new-text”, add this to the beginning of that line: “//” [but without the quotes] to make it just a comment) and replace the $new-text command with this:

    $new_text = “<span style='” . “color:#333; border-bottom: 1px dotted #000; cursor: help;” . “‘ . title='” . esc_attr( addcslashes( $hover_text, ‘\\$’ ) ) . “‘>\\1</span>”;

    now you might have to retype the single and double quotes to get it work … wordpress sometimes converts those to the left and right quotes which will kill your code.

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