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  1. AshleyDadaglio
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I've been looking for exactly this! What a great way to get people involved with my site! Such a great invention! Seriously amazing!

    Seeing as to how this is only round one for you guys I'm excited to see what you guys create next!

    A few greedy wishlist items:
    * A second "Add To List" box on the bottom right of the app. (I didn't realize they can add to list from top left. ----- It would also be great if I got credit for people who clicked that link to get my free pro membership.
    * Users being able to sign up for list.ly without leaving my site. (I mean, its costs enough time/effort to get people to my site.)
    * At first I kept clicking the tags area thinking I could add my own. That would be nice. I later realized you can only add tags when you enter list options.
    * I'd like to remove the embed option from my website. (Don't need to make it so easy for other modeling blogs to steal the lists I've worked so hard on.)
    * The 3tags/crowdrank/que/searchitems bar doesn't quite fit on the blog... would love to remove. Distracting. Blog visitors don't know what it is. Just unnecessary.
    * A little quirk: it seems a tweet was automatically sent on my behalf (which is great). since then I've updated the page - it doesn't seem the tweet link updated in realtime with it. seems to be a bit of a delay.
    * A free vip membership for being the first one to comment on this app ;)

    Thanks guys!

  2. Listly
    Plugin Author

    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for the post and the feature requests. We are working on many of the requests you mention - it will be a matter of a few weeks before you can completely customize look and feel of your embeds.

    We don't automatically tweet on behalf of anyone - some other plugin on your page sent that tweet out?

    Regarding other people embedding your list, it is a great way to get new audience, because each embed links back to the original author of the list. Think of it as distribution rather than stealing.

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