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  • I had downloaded this and was very pleased with how good the tutorials were – and successfully used it to move a site from one place on my Hostgator reseller site to another –

    I ran into trouble when I decided to set up a local development option, as I’m on-the-job and self-taught and have huge gaps in my website development knowledge!

    The issue is NOT with Duplicator, but with the various software conflicts and/or my lack of knowledge –

    So I wanted to share with other newbies what I found that worked for me after spending countless hours with the usual set-ups for local development recommended in WordPress Codex, software reviews, WordPress blogs, etc.

    No offense – but I was unable to get any of the following to work either with my system (Windows 8.1) or my security software (Webroot Secure Anywhere Internet Security Plus v. or my Competency level –

    • XAMPP -Competency level issues on my part, definitely!
    • WAMPS unsure even which version to download – Competency
    • Instant WordPress – downloaded the free app, purchased the manual and never could get it to successfully connect to the database during Duplicator install run.
    • Desktop Server – didn’t like playing with my Security software (which is NOT Norton – BTW)
    • Various other options some of which I never even installed due to date last updated/reviews/support issues, etc.

    What I did find that is quick, easy to learn/navigate, complete with help file wiki, and works like a dream with Duplicator is

    AMPPS -

    After 16 hours of trying each of the above, reading help files, etc., I downloaded AMPSS, which worked with my OS and Security plugin, secured my installation, Added a new domain, Added a new User in phpMyAdmin and asked for it to generate a database for the new user, (time saver there! just add a user and it generates the database, too!) placed my Duplicator Install and Archive files in the root folder of my added domain, ran the installer php as per directions for Duplicator – pushed the buttons and WALLA! Up and running with local deveopment copy in 30 minutes.

    Thanks so much for this Awesome tool and so glad I have it to work between local/test/live servers as I move from hobbyist who builds small sites for friends to serving others in my rural community!

    If you’re a WordPresser without a lot of deep coding/development background, but are familiar with WordPress and know your way around a cPanel type environment – I strongly recommend the combination of Duplicator and AMPPS to develop locally –

    Thanks so much!
    Tamrah Jo

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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Thanks Tamrah!

    Way to be persistent and keep working through things, most people just give up…

    Thanks! I do so appreciate the work you’ve done on Duplicator and appreciate the access to donation-cost tools as so much of the work I do is volunteer for organizations!

    And it’s nice to be acknowledged as ‘persistent’ – most times, people just call me stubborn – – LOL 😛

    Have a great weekend
    Tamrah Jo

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