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    After using a number of caching plugins, most of which will cause – at the very least – minor errors on your site, Asset Cleanup proved to be a web developers dream.

    The ability to unload scripts and defer them individually is awesome, but there are other plugins that do this too. What makes Asset Cleanup really better than everything else around is the ability to then load several of those script on specific pages that need them, allowing you to streamline your site to incredible levels (my site went from a whopping 12mb and 45 seconds full load time, to 2.25mb and 10.4 seconds full load time, and I’m still fine tuning it to get it faster, THAT IS ALSO FROM A SINGLE SERVER WITH NO CDN YET!!!). And note, with the WP Rocket caching plugin, a CDN can be easily added.

    ** EDIT – With a Cloudflare set up as the CDN, my site is now down to 8 seconds FULL load time with NO OTHER optimisation (around 4.5 seconds for first meaningful paint, and it’s a beast of a site!!)**

    Another nice feature is the ability, just like WP Rocket, to export settings to a json file, allowing you to effectively create restore points as you tweak your scripts to improve performance.

    This plugin works in tandem with the WP Rocket plugin and ensures that the remaining loaded scripts are then minified and deferred (if those options are selected). Asset Cleanup when used with WP Rocket also seems to do the best job of minifying and combining scripts without generating errors.

    Finally, the price to upgrade to the pro version ($40) is probably the best price around out of all the caching plugins, so on top of being the best functionally, it is also the cheapest plugin (WP Rocket is $50, making it $90 in total for the pair, around $10 less than W3 Total Cache).

    As a Professional Web Developer, I cannot recommend this plug ENOUGH, IT IS THE FIRST PLUGIN YOU SHOULD BUY!!!!

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