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  • Works we just didn’t know how…

    At first glance the software said it could do everything that we needed… but upon setup we found it to be a bit confusing and we tried to do the online help KB, but we weren’t able to do what we wanted without a crazy work around.. After sleeping on it we reached out to support.

    OMG!!! best customer service ever!…

    And to feel Stupid we were just doing it wrong they walked us through it step by step and it works just as we wished it would and found that it is intuitively powerful and allowed even more options than we would have imagined.

    Worth Every PENNY!… We told them that its a bit confusing but it works exactly as it should. they said to us;

    “We have tried our best to document most of it from user perspective… we are continuously working on the UI to make it more simple and easy… ”

    But its partially our fault we just didn’t know where to look, their software is truly easy to use and configure discounts as you need. We were trying to do a conditional discount for a single product based on if you had any item in your cart from a particular category. In addition we wanted it to be 1:1 for discount so if you had 3 of the product and had 2 of the condition only 2 would receive the discount.

    It can be done with their software.

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