• First of all this works great in WordPress 3.5.1 in case there was any question.

    Secondly, this is by far one of the easiest to use gallery plugins I have ever seen, but it has some 2 major drawbacks which I hope the author will fix.

    1. You can’t use images in your media library. Instead you have to upload directly into the plugin. This is fine for someone starting a blog but a pain in the butt for anyone wanting to convert all their images to galleries.

    2. You have to use the authors web hosting. Although he/she claims it is reliable, there is simply no way to know AND this opens the author up to some significant liability issues if that hosting fails or the author goes out of business. Also because you have to use the authors hosting there are some significant limits on how many galleries you can have a space you can use unless you pay the author for his hosting. This means not only are you paying xyz web hosting for your site, but now someone else to host your images. As awesome as this plugin no one should have to pay twice for hosting.

    As much as I like all the features these two flaws prevent me from giving this a better review. I do sincerely hope these 2 items are fixed because I would love to change this review to a 5 star.

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