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    Hi guys and gals,

    i started a site, awesomeblogs [dot] com

    using wordpress….i just started using it 2 days ago..and fell in love with it’s simplicity…:)

    as the title suggest, i started this blog to blog about other blogs!!…hahaha

    basically i want to scout the web for blogs that are cool/fun/AWESOME!

    i do need help i guess when it comes to wordpress..since i’m new..but i know i’ll get all the help i need , this community seems to be so helpful….:)

    so if you have a blog or know a blog that is awesome..please do let me know moses [at]

    also i would appreciate it if you would rank your blog at

    awesomeblogs [dot] com/ranks

    Thank You

    Moses Francis

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  • – I update it everyday with useful information. Right now, i store everything in one category and Im re-ordering stuff right now.

    i just visited the site…i like the design..nice color combo..:)

    keep me informed once you have finish re-odering yr stuffs..:)


    anybody else..with a good blog?

    Check out “Howl @ The Moon” and see what you think…

    I’d be interested in your feedback. Feel free to leave comments on the site or back here at the support forum


    for those finding it difficult to locate the URL because you’re not sure where you might find it, either click the users nick, which is highlighted, or click here:

    Coyote – Your blog is definitely one of the blogs i’ll review.
    Please mail me yr e-mail add.
    moses @ awesomeblogs .com

    Jinsan – Thanx very much dude..:D
    i did the [dot] thing so google would not spider my url
    but seems it does not work…lol


    I’d be curious to hear what you think of my new site:

    I’m still in the process of tweaking the interface, but I keep the content fresh and write about whatever happens to interests.



    My site is located at

    The layout has been done for a while, and I try to write daily (although there was a 2 week gap when I had too much work in RW). I write about anything that interests me.

    Check it out, tell me what you think.

    Hi recog,

    your blog is nice

    however i noticed that it just started, now this could be either
    because you just started blogging or maybe you just switch
    to wordpress.

    at the moment i dont think i’ll review it as yet,
    in saying that, that does not mean i dont like your’s just that it’s new.. i need some older blogs…i you get what i mean..:)

    I have however bookmarked and will be keeping an eye on yr blog
    i even “spurl it” =




    same as recog…yr blog is new…but i spend some time reading through..very nice blog indeed.

    i like the header…was in done in photoshop or some 3d program?

    i’ll keep you in my bookmark too..:)




    The header was initially a model I made, rendered and exported through 3dsMax, then imported into Photoshop, where I worked on it aesthetically with brushing and what-not. Then, I exported it as a low-quality JPEG to give it that grainy look that only lo-fi gives.

    This is actually a clip from a wallpaper I made, availible on my deviantArt page,

    Thanks for taking the time to check the site.

    Check out mine:

    Have a look at mine:

    aetherfox – very nice designs…i like the guitar design on yr deviantart page.:D

    idbehold – i like yr site…fast loading, clean & simple….
    i’ll contact you soon

    zack56 – your blog is cool too…i especially like your post “hacked”
    i was not aware people could do that!
    will contact you soon too.



    any more out there?…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 126 total)
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