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  • This is a great plugin, and who cares if this rips off basecamps ui….the only thing that matters is that it works for project management. Basecamp lacks a ton of needed project management features, but with this one, the capability allows us to build it even more.

    Here are my feature requests, I beg you to implement them to be the perfect PM system!

    1) As Berri222 said, please add user and project calendars. As we manage projects, we need to see overviews of what is coming up in order to determine timelines.

    2) Timetracking. Many times we have hourly based projects with remote employees. Basecamp doesnt even have this feature. I would love to have an extra field by each task to input the time for the user. An even better timetracking system, would allow time to be automated, by allowing the user to “start work” on a task, and then “end work” on a task. Perhaps adding in alerts as well, so that the admin can enter “estimated times for each task”. And then upon the user hitting that estimated time, it would alert them that they have to contact the manager to be able to insert more time.

    3) Reporting. Allow managers and clients the ability to access reports on progress, employee times, and actual cost.

    4) Employee hourly cost (goes with timetracking). This allows us to track how much our projects had cost us, and also where we can input the project budget. If we could determine the profit/losses of the project, we can all make more money!

    Thats my 2 cents….really 1 and 2 are the ones I urgently want! Let me know if you are open to freelance too if you do not have any of these planned!

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