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  • Amar


    This theme is awesome.

    Plz add more realist value to the pro version of this theme.


    → Allow to customize mobile version of this theme
    → Allow to show to Google & website visitor Last modified or published date or both
    → Allow use to combine JS and CSS file so that server load is reduced…………

    I love this theme………….Awesome work…………Interested in Pro version…..

    But it looks wired that every-time the pro version is updated, the user needs to

    → Activate default theme on the website…..
    → Delete old version of Accesspress Mag
    → Upload updated version of Accesspress Mag Pro
    → Activate accesspress Mag theme

    In doing this……all widgets gets here there misplaced…….
    Again find them, arrange them……….as it was before.

    Some total is that you pay and then you get this much hassle

    Whereas you can update free version from the desk-board of your website……

    Thus, my request is

    → Add more value to the Pro version of this theme
    → Change the process you adopted to allow user to update their pro version of the theme

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  • Hi there!

    Thank you very much for rating and reviewing AccessPress Themes.
    your suggestion will be noted.

    Thank you!!

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