• Hi all

    I have hit a sticking point and hoping a wonderful and experienced coder can come to my rescue

    i am trying out Aweber, and have managed to put a simple sign up form in my sidebar.

    I looked at the pluggin, but wanted to tinker with some things, so i’ve added the code to a text box instead.

    Through some playing, altering the CSS, and using Firebug i’ve managed to nearly get it how i want, but come undone.

    As you can see HERE the submit button is hung below and to the right of the email form. I am trying to get the submit button to hang flush with the form, but can’t quite figure out the right code.

    Could anyone help me out please?

    Hope all this makes sense



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  • Have you tried reaching out to Aweber? You’re paying for their support.

    Thanks Gabe, i’ve sent them a quick email. Not sure how quick they are off the mark though. Was hoping it might be a quick fix that a pro coder could sling my way 🙂

    I’m quite useless at all this coding stuff, but slowly improving




    It looks like the CSS handling the form is inline. If your pasting the style(css) into the text box look for the line

    #af-form-1374687323 .buttonContainer{text-align:left;}

    and change it to

    #af-form-1374687323 .buttonContainer{text-align:right;}

    That should do the trick.

    hmmmm , i’ve tried this, and aweber also emailed me back with a similar work around, but unfortunately neither works.

    It seems as though i’m agonisingly close, yet so far 🙁


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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