Aweber and WP compatability problem. (2 posts)

  1. daddyg
    Posted 8 years ago #


    I'm using aweber on my blog. I have an aweber.com autoresponder form beneath each post which asks for the visitor's first name and email address.

    I am using an option in aweber which allows all the form variables to be parsed as parameters to the end of the url. I can then use the person's name and email address to personalise the thank you message that appears.

    When I fill it out and hit the submit button though I get a 404 page error.

    The url below is an example of what's generated when I get the 404:-


    The problem is this paremeter:-

    If you take that out, then the 404 error disappears.

    This has been reported previously at:-

    and just recently at

    and another forum post though I can't find it now. Neither got resolved.

    Clearly WP uses the name parameter for something else and as I can't use a different word for the name variable in aweber, it means I can't personalise my thank you messages to opt-in subscribers.

    Any suggestions for workarounds?

    Or can you tell me what wordpress uses the name variable for and if it's possible to change my install to not use it so aweber will work?

    Many thanks


  2. jtwallace
    Posted 8 years ago #

    How and where do you install aweber code in the new version of semiologic/wp? The knowledge base is not helpful on this subject because the interface has changed.

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