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    If I were to activate BadgeOS on my main domain (with BP), but then also make the plugin available for my users to create BadgeOS provisioning blogs on their own subdomains (creating multiple instances of badgeos within a multisite install), would the provisioned badges from both the subdomains and the main domain all appear on the users BP profile, or is the community addon only “aware” of badges awarded from the main domain?

    Make sense?

    Would I need to use Credly as a bridge, having all the badges created go through credly, so that Credly would house the complete lists of badges that would then be added to the BP Profile? The community addon isn’t necessarily a Credly addon is it?

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  • I’m being told that the meta data for a user includes badges earned from all sites, if applicable. However, it will only show badges earned from the specific site.

    there’s a function named badgeos_get_user_achievements() and it has a parameter of site ID. The whole function is a wrapper of sorts for get_user_meta() with the meta key being _badgeos_achievements. It will filter as necessary depending on arguments passed in.

    You can see the function in full at the top of user.php if you’re curious to dig in deeper.

    Forgot to read the last bit. Correct, this is a plugin meant to add functionality for BuddyPress installs, and isn’t associated with Credly. However, this still has access to the Credly integration found in the BadgeOS plugin.

    Thanks Michael. That’s very helpful.

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