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  • Hello, I write here to report a minor user-generated bug, with all versions of WordPress since 2.9 (and before, no idea).

    Yes, as I wrote : a user-generated bug. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, feel free to chain me to a radiator and insult me in German, I come to report a problem I caused myself.
    But, here’s the trick, if wordpress was even better, that sort of problem wouldn’t happen despite all my bad efforts 🙂

    Let’s describe it. I usually write 4 blog posts per day on my own website, and sometimes I write then in a row, all of them at once. I double-click the “New” link in my admin in order to open the editor in a new tab, and at times, I click this button 4 times in fast succession, clickclickclickclick.

    And then, I write my 4 posts, in each window, save them as draft when I’m done, and when all 4 are saved as drafts, one tab after another, I click the “publish” button. There may be less than 2 seconds between each clicking a post’s “publish” button.

    And the bug, now : it may happen that one post simply overwrites the other, is saved in stead of the other.
    And my blog ends up updated with 3 new posts only, the 4th of them having simply disappeared, neither published nor saved as draft, as if it had never existed.
    I *think* wordpress thought two of the tabs were actually the very same editor.

    I know very simply how to avoid the problem : let a short while between each moment I click the “New” post link, and (perhaps, but I think this is the former that causes the problem) let a few seconds between each clicking of a “Publish” button.

    But, well… here’s for my suggestion, could it be possible that, through some sort of coding magic, wordpress wouldn’t allow anymore to overwrite a post with another in the database ?

    Sorry for the weird user-caused bug report, but at least, that was for my suggestion 🙂


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  • I’m a bit confused by this. I very often have multiple editing tabs open but I’ve never come across this issue before.

    That doesn’t happen often to me (usually, I’m wary), more or less once every two months. But it DOES happen.

    That said, if nobody else experienced it, it may be something with my hosting conditions (at OVH, first in shared, now still at OVH, on a debian dedicated), I can’t tell of course.

    I’m just trying to figure how how it could happen. Each edit post url is unique, so (in theory) there is no way that WP could confuse theme on save. I wonder if a sluggish db server could be the problem? That the over-writing is actually happening at the db level because the queries are coming in too fast for it to handle?

    Another thought…

    Is the over-writing happening at the draft point? In other words, before you’ve added a title to each of these posts?

    Hmm, the first thing I usually type is the title of the post.

    My DB server is supposed to respond fast (I have a very good dedi that is far from peaking its resources in all regards), but it’s true there are occasional moments when it gets sluggier, for instance when a massive scheduled operation takes place in the background, like a backup.
    I just found my dedi’s default logging rule is not to log when a cron job/task/whatever job is ran, sadly, it’s a bit late to fix it.
    The rest of my server monitoring found no peak in particular or slow queries around that time of the day.

    Oh well, since I don’t find what additional info might be relevant, I guess we’ll stay at that for the moment :/

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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