Avoiding SEO Penalty; Changed URL- backposting to same date (4 posts)

  1. BrianDude
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I am moving my blog to a new URL and Host. I want to keep 30 posts and want to backdate these to the original posting date on the old blog. I know how to do it via copy and paste datestamp and publish. But since my NEW URL started in Jan08 is it ok to have posts dated back to Aug07 and published? Note I tried to just "save" them but they function then as drafts and don't appear on the site.

    NOTE: The issue is not if it can be done but if this will trigger a penalty. There is no attempt to create duplicate content as the old blog will be taken down within a few weeks once all post to be moved have been cut and pasted. The "issue" is that the posts have to be back dated to a date that is older than the new Domain Name!

  2. oriste
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Use .htaccess to permanently redirect from the old url to the new url. I'm certain no penalty will come from that.

    Instead of fiddling with datestamps and such, I would suggest you just export/import all of your data. And if you're doing that, why don't you take over ALL your content? Volume of content is important for the search engines.

    Good luck

  3. is it ok to have posts dated back to Aug07 and published

    Yes. Why wouldn't it be?

    I guess I really don't understand your question much. You can certainly post your old posts on the new site. There's nothing wrong with that.

    trigger a penalty

    I can't think of any reason why it would have any downside.

  4. BrianDude
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Thank you. I ended up copying and pasting about 150 posts but it gave me a chance to also attach relavent catagories to many older posts.

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