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  • I wish I could give them zero stars. But at least I can explain what is wrong with Wishful Themes.
    The free version of the theme was okay, and they answered pre-sales questions immediately. They told me that I can pay and they will change the theme a bit if I want to. Everything was really great so I thought why not and paid for the PRO version. Worst. Decision. Ever.
    There was an error in the mobile version – the part of the post heading was cut off and a visitor could see only a few words instead of the entire phrase if they open the post page. Not too big problem, right? I contacted support to solve this problem (for free, as they stated that the theme is fully responsive) and ask for some additional changes to the theme (I was ready to pay for these changes.)

    I waited for 1.5 months to have my problem solved and that’s how everything was going:

    1. I described the problem and expressed the desire to pay for additional changes in an email. Then I have to wait for 2 weeks for the response.
    2. I used live chat on their website to ask if they saw my email. I was asked to describe the problem once again. They promised to solve my problem the next day.
    3. I had to wait for a week again. Then I contacted the support lead and I was told that actually this was a holiday season (if so, why they promised to solve it the next day after I contacted them?) and then they asked me to describe my problem for the third time. And promised me that someone will contact me on a certain day.
    4. I really received an email the day they promised to contact me, and they asked to describe the problem again. I did it for the fourth time. They told me they will keep in touch.
    5. After a week of silence I contacted them once again to ask how it was going. And guess what? They said that they didn’t see any issues on my website. Well, I was really pissed off and I explained the problem I want to solve for the fifth time – just because I wanted to explain why I’m so angry – and said that I want a refund for their horrible customer support.
    6. They contacted me in 5 (!) hours. And they solved my problem like nothing has happened and they didn’t make me wait for 40 days.

    So. They made me wait for more than a month. They didn’t listen to me. They ignored my emails and requests. They did solve the problem in just 5 hours hoping that I’d say “Okay, it was just 40 days, I didn’t need that time anyway, thanks.” What I want to say is that if anything goes wrong after you buy the theme, you will wait, suffer, write tons of emails to make them correct errors in their theme. I didn’t even ask for any additional changes – there was a problem with the theme itself after I bought it and I just wanted to get a theme I paid for, the one with good mobile optimization. Hope this review will help you avoid problems with Wishful Themes and not make mistakes that I have made.

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