Avoid URL mapping, show actual URL while browse through the sites. (4 posts)

  1. yuva
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I would like to remove the URL manipulation done by wordpress.
    Say, my site is blogs.exampe.com.
    Under this I have many blogs. For example, blogs.example.com/mySongs,
    blogs.example.com/myPicture, etc..

    The site blogs.example.com, is a live one.
    I replicated the whole code into my localhost.
    When ever I browse with http://localhost/blogs, the URL automatically converts to http://blogs.example.com.

    Now I doubt, whether the page displayed is the live site or localsite.

    Hence, I dont want such URL manipulation to happen. I wish to see actual URL, for all page I browse-through.

    Please let me know, how to achieve this.
    Tanks in advance.

  2. moshu
    Posted 9 years ago #

    It is not URL manipulation. It is your settings stored in the database. If you imported the DB from the live site = all your settings, including blog URI and WP URI are those for the live site.
    See admin > Options > General.

  3. yuva
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hoo.. Okay.
    I have 2 Questions here.

    1) When ever I try browse through the application reside at my localhost, it automatically changes the URL and goes to live site. I'm no way able to see the changes done on local code on the page.
    Also I cannot change the blog URI & WP URI by going into admin part of the application. That will change the live site settings.
    Please advice me some feasible solution.

    2) Is that not possible to remove the URL redirection by changing few code? That would help me retain the same settings and not letting to do the automatic URL mapping.

    Am I wrong?

  4. moshu
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I replicated the whole code into my localhost.

    If you meant you copied over only the WP files - that's wrong. You should have a separate (local) database, too, for your "local install".
    See a possible guide: http://www.tamba2.org.uk/wordpress/xampp/

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