• If you have any interest in using your blog as a business, DO NOT use this plugin. The developers slip in all sorts of nasty things that hijack your affiliate links with their own codes, mess with advertising networks, and more – and then take your profits for themselves.
    IF you look through the negative reviews, you’ll see plenty of other people offering this warning. I wish I had been more careful – I’ve lost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS because it took me a couple of months to work out what was causing the problem on my site.

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    Hundreds of thousands of sites, including many tens of thousands of businesses, use Shareaholic to grow very successfully. Shareaholic’s core business is to help sites grow its audience, engagement and monetization.

    Thousands of sites have made thousands of dollars thanks to our Monetization program. We believe it is important for creators/bloggers to make money from their craft, as that is what enables them to keep doing what they love, from creating great content about cooking to fitness.

    We also believe that the site owner should be in complete control, which is why each and every function that we offer, you choose what you want and what is right for your site. That said, when you first install any plugin, you should carefully set it up and explore the options available. Each and every Shareaholic setting is configurable.

    The Affiliate Links feature (learn more) that you’re referring to is part of our Site Monetization toolkit. This is a feature that you can toggle off if you don’t want to use it. NOTE: when you upgrade the plugin, this setting and any other setting should not and is not intended to reset or change.

    The app is also not designed to modify existing affiliate links. If you have come across cases where it has done that, we would appreciate it if you can provide an example and we’ll take it up with the merchant concerned at the highest level.

    What the app is designed to do is to convert non-affiliate links that could be affiliate links into affiliate links. The intention is to help monetize your natural outbound links which probably would not have been monetized otherwise ie. it is intended to be “found money” or extra income for you. It works very well for most sites.

    If you have lost “THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS”, PLEASE share details. We can at least attempt to work with the merchants to recover this for you. As always, we’re here to help. That is just what we do…

    Ps. In the past 12 months, Shareaholic has received ten 5-star reviews (highest possible rating) for each 1-star review. While we would like all our reviews to be 5-star reviews, we’d take this for now 🙂 and we are working towards a perfect record. A major critique of Shareaholic has been that settings are spread across Shareaholic.com and the plugin, which can confuse customers. This is going to be solved very soon. All settings will be available within WordPress itself making setup and ongoing usage much much easier.

    My last request to you — instead of jumping to conclusions, take some of that time to reach out and work with the plugin authors (try the WP support forums or reach out direct) to resolve issues that you may come across. The spirit of feedback and solving problems together is what has moved WordPress forward as a platform and will continue to do so.

    My direct email: jay at shareaholic.com. Here to help.

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