• I’ve been using this plugin on my website for a while now and have the Pro version. I really enjoyed the plugin at first, but then they updated to the 2.0 version and it all went haywire. I highly suspect that there was no testing done before the 2.0 version was released and that they are using their customers to find the bugs for them. It has been that bad. It broke Woocommerce and interfered with order processing and delivery of digital products, even those not attached to Tutor listings. Took a month for them to fix it and no response when I emailed support about it. I’m sure they were overwhelmed with tickets. When they released some new updates, I thought everything was fixed, so I released a new paid class… and this ridiculous plugin gave it away for free to an unknown number of users on my website. Some were asked to pay, and some were automatically enrolled and allowed access. And they didn’t show up on my enrollment lists so I couldn’t boot them out. The only reason I know it was happening is due to emails from honest customers letting me know that they had been enrolled without paying. The built-in email settings still don’t work and all of my students get three emails for every update or announcement in a course, and even though I have turned off emails, they are still sent. And a myriad of other small things that just don’t always work or don’t work well, or sometimes work and sometimes don’t – like randomly switching back to the old Tutor dashboard. Oh, and now I’ve got lessons that are randomly being deleted, so I will have to constantly check my courses to make sure all the lessons are still there. I’d email support, but due to past experiences, I don’t think they would respond. I’ve tried installing new LMS plugins to switch, but I suspect (no hard proof) that this plugin is affecting the new ones because none of them are functioning properly unless Tutor is deactivated, meaning I can’t switch at all until I take down all of my classes first and inconvenience all of my customers. I have no idea how much this plugin has cost my small business. It has certainly affected my reputation since my customers are having such a poor experience on my website now. Lots of upset customers. Save yourself a lot of grief and don’t come near this plugin, that is my recommendation. I’ve had it. I’m out of patience waiting for the plugin to function properly, and I will be moving to a different one as soon as I can.

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    Hello @laurie124,

    Thank you for your feedback and sorry to hear about the inconveniences you went through due to updated version of our plugin. We’ve been trying to provide a more feature-rich and more user friendly plugin for you which is why it went through few momentous design and development decisions but let me assure you that soon this process of redesigning the plugin will end so you will have a more stable plugin like you did before version 2.0.

    Please write to support at themeum dot com and we are always here to help and where possible we’d provide hotfixes for your issues. There are few issues you mentioned that we haven’t come across yet e.g. auto-enrolling users and randomly deleting lessons so we may need to take a deeper look at your site. This could be due to changing user roles from WordPress.

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    I appreciate your response. However, I have no intention of staying with Tutor LMS, even if you eventually do get it fixed and stabilized. The errors in your plugin have cost my business thousands in sales. There have been so many errors on my website over the last several months. I’ve never had to deal with so many things going wrong, and they were always fixed by disabling Tutor. I paid for an LMS system. I did not sign up to be a plugin tester. In my 14 years in business, I have never seen a plugin released that was that unstable. I’m glad you’re fixing it, but it shouldn’t have happened to begin with, and I don’t appreciate that kind of treatment. I can tolerate a few bugs here and there, that happens with every plugin. But this was outrageous. I’m afraid your company has lost my trust. I truly hope you can improve it for the sake of your other customers and their businesses.

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    Hello @laurie124,

    In majority of the cases we have seen the issues originate because of a custom theme that tried to override Tutor plugin folder so we suggested them (if you are one of those) to ask their custom theme author to release a compatible version of their theme for Tutor LMS latest build.

    We’ve seen issues resolve when they activate a different theme or after deleting Tutor folder from within their custom theme folder.

    You can write to support at themeum dot com if you haven’t overridden Tutor plugin folder from your custom theme and we will certainly do our best to resolve your issues that pertain to our plugin.

    I join @laurie124 on this. I’ve been using your plugin for more than a year now. My clients (over 30 000 students), are always complaining about something since 2.0. The way you have been maintaining this plugin is not professional, your project managers should be ashamed and get fired.

    When you fix something, you broke something else. As a webdev myself I am always wondering how this is possible…

    I will stick around for another couple of months, then I will be done as well if you continue to treat customers/users/businesses like you do at the moment.

    Test, test and retest before release and please, improve your coding workflow.

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    I cannot agree with the statement. I run 2 of my eLearning platforms for a long time with Tutor LMS. One of my websites is running with around 2000 clients. I don’t know how come the site can break. I am using Skillate theme and it’s working great for my site.

    I also had problems with this update, but it is unacceptable for a company to depend only on the plugin developers. When I saw that the problem was not just a bug, I resorted to the backup of my site, look that I was just starting to sell courses, I didn’t even have 100 students.
    I suggest everyone has a backup system as problems can happen.
    Of course I was outraged by this update, there were a lot of sudden changes. For example: the translations, I had to redo them, as well as reconfigure many items in the plugin.
    I hope developers have learned from this grotesque mistake and users also know that they need to have extra security to ensure the stability of the site itself.

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