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  • I bought this plugin and realized it didn’t work. I deleted it and asked for a refund and they basically told me to “screw myself.” A year later they ask me to upgrade. I’ve asked them again to refund me. They are nasty people. Life’s too short to deal with companies like this.

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  • Plugin Author Cristian Antohe


    Hi Eric.

    > I bought this plugin and realized it didn’t work.
    Unfortunately that’s just not true. According to your words we’ve exchanged via email “I may come back to you, but the plugin did not do as I had hoped.”

    And according to our refund policy we don’t offer refunds if you decide not to use the product:

    You have not provided any type of technical reason as to the plugin not working on your site and that’s the only clause where we’re offering refunds. Technical problems with the condition you allow us to assist you in fixing it.

    I can see how this can make you angry. It was never our intention.

    Thread Starter Eric Greenspan


    Keep arguing. You are just making my case. My company has a 100% delight policy. I don’t expect you to do the same. I get that you want to keep my $139. It’s not a technical issue anymore. Now, it’s just a customer service NIGHTMARE. I would never do business with you again. This is so wrong. I don’t care. I can afford the $139, but I will keep this process up. You are a company in a foreign nation that screws its customers. We all understand. We just don’t do this kind of thing in our country. I’ve been to yours many times. Nice people there. You are the reason people fear doing business with you. Good luck to you.

    Hi Eric,

    You were offered the opportunity to share your technical issues and have them fixed. You neglected that opportunity.

    Had you put genuine use issues in front of the team which they could not solve, I believe you would have had your refund. Their policy is up front.

    You also had access to a free plugin if you just wanted to put it through the paces.

    Coming back here to one star them for living up to their published terms and conditions is really poor form.


    Cristian, North American speak of “I may come back to you” is a meaningless ruse to try to get product developers to hope to please an impossible customer in the future. Pay it no mind.

    North American behaviour is aggressive and irresponsible (and not just in business: ask Syria and Iraq). I will ask for refunds myself but only when the product is clearly failing to live up to billing and support won’t fix it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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