• Like many “freemium” plugins nowadays, Pop-up notices for WooCommerce wants you to buy the “Pro” version. Which is OK I guess, if the free version provides at least some basic functionality. Problem is that Pop-up notices for WooCommerce does not do this. It does show the WooCommerce message in a modal window, but the native WooCommerce message, notice or warning is still visible. So the user ends up with TWO messages on the screen. Only the PRO version lets you check the box that hides the native WC version…

    So, the most basic of functions that you want this plugin to do (replace the default WooCommerce message with the pop up version) does NOT work.

    Now I could easily hide the default WC version with CSS but that should not be necessary. The whole point of a plugin is to easily add functionality to your website, without touching code.

    Last, but not least. In the description of the plugin the author mentions that the WooCommerce messages are “ugly”. Maybe it is a matter of taste, but in my opinion the Pop-up notices are even more ugly. There is a customiser option which is, you may have guessed it, available in the PRO version. You could overwrite the styling with your own CSS but again that should not be necessary.

    All in all, this plugin is pretty worthless. More and more developers are using the WordPress plugin repo not to provide value to the community but just as a cheap way to promote their commercial plugins. Think of it what you want, I hate that.

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  • Plugin Author Pablo Pacheco


    Hi @eagerbob ,

    I’m really sorry. When I started developing this plugin it didn’t have so many features. That’s why I decided to keep the “Hide” feature on the PRO version initially. Later on, as I developed more features I didn’t want to change the “Hide” feature as I thought many users could have bought the plugin because of it. On top of that, after some time I must say I ended up forgetting about it.

    But now I see you’re right. I’m sorry if the plugin wasn’t useful for you. That really wasn’t my intention. I do want it to provide value to the community too. I will change that by putting the “Hide” feature on the free version.

    Now, regarding the customizer, I think it’s ok for a Pro version feature.
    And if you think the Pop-up notices are not pretty, I’m sorry for that too. Let me know if I can do something about it.

    I hope it can change the way you think at least on some level.

    Thread Starter eagerbob


    Hi Pablo,

    I will change that by putting the “Hide” feature on the free version.

    Ok, nice. So at least the plugin is now usable for the average user to do what they expect of it : Hide the default message and replace this with a pop-up.

    Must say that I still think it is not a very useful plugin for me. I would like to at least have a field where I could change the styling or replace that with my own custom CSS. Changing the markup would be nice too.

    Anyway, that is entirely up to you.

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