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    Firstly I wish to thank you and congratulate you for your great plugin.
    Then I would like to ask you how I can avoid the loading of the plugin font (from /wp-content/plugins/gdpr-cookie-compliance/dist/) for optimization purpose.
    I have checked the “Inherit font-family from your WordPress theme” option but even with this, the plugin font is loaded just for the little cross of the top corner popup.
    As I do my best to optimize the loading of my pages I wish I could cleanly “deregister” it.

    TIA for your help.

    All the best,


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    Hi @pierre_02,

    Thanks for using our plugins.

    If you switch the font option to inherit from parent, the Nunito font will not be loaded by our plugin. The moovegdpr font is different, is a small icon library, and is necessary to show icons in the settings screen, cross icon for close popup, etc..

    Hope this helps.


    Yes I’ve seen it as explained, but is there any way to unload it or deregister it?
    Something like: wp_dequeue_style('moovegdpr-fonts');?
    Because it’s counter productive to load a font just for a little cross than I can get with a simple x ;)…

    [EDIT] Ok, I’ve seen that you use it for icons on the “Cookie panel” but as I use Divi I can easily found this kind of icons for replacement. So the tips about the de-registration of your standard font is precious for me, but can be useful for those who like me have a “rich” font usable 😉 [/EDIT]

    TIA for your help or tips.

    All the best,


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