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  • There is an option to remove the author credits.

    Yes, the link to the widget page can be removed with a simple click.

    Alot of plugins do that. Maybe you should go through your settings before publishing something nasty. I use Better Tag Cloud and like it ALOT!

    That’s really bad to put link to your site by default.
    I didn’t notice it in options at first glance.

    Jehy, I disagree. I put hours and hours into this piece of software, and why should I wait for YOU to turn the link to my site ON? Do you think it’s wrong that the default WordPress install links to Do you think it’s wrong that free themes come with a link to the designer’s website?

    I’m with nkuttler on this. Thesis, wordpress and all sorts of plugins do it. I don’t think the creator of the plugin can be criticised if we don’t go through the options page thoroughly!

    @nkuttler I am also wordpress plugin developer 😉
    And also spent hours and days for creating my plugins.
    But those don’t add any links.

    And yeah, I think that it is wrong for wordpress default installation to come with links to
    Concerning themes – no, I think that those should come with link to author site. That’s quite a delicate question ^^

    This is ridiculous. WordPress is wrong, plugin developers are wrong, but theme developers are right when they link to themselves?

    I’m out.

    This is a common request of developers, and I can’t think of one, offhand, that does not ask your permission or make the choice very obvious on the settings page.

    It helps no one to rate plugins poorly when users simply haven’t read the docs.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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