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    Hi! One more question. Is it possible to avoid passing values of fields if they are hidden by conditionals? This would be really useful in summary-ish html fields, as well as on email templates for users (I don’t want users to get emails with all values of all hidden fields).

    I’ve exported a form to make myself clearer here. At the bottom, I’ve included an HTML field that summarizes the user’s pick, but all values are displayed one after the other. Is it possible to show only what the user is selecting?

    Thank you again!

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  • Just to elaborate a little more: some hidden field values (hidden by conditionals) are displayed as well in the email notification. Is it possible just to pass ONLY those fields’ values the user sees, and not all of them, excluding the hidden ones?

    Thank you!

    Plugin Support Jonathan – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @codimex

    I hope you are doing well!

    Please edit the form and go to Email Notifications tab. Edit an email notification, in the body instead of using {all_fields} macro, please add the fields you wish to include in the notification, one by one. Please see this screenshot:

    Hope this helps!


    Hi. I know that option, and I’m using each field tag separately, instead of the {all-fields} tag. That’s not the problem. It seems that, in some case scenarios (especially when the “Day is” conditional is activated), the field value is not recorded in the database or displayed in the email.

    I’ve uploaded a new form test to make myself clerarer here. Would you be so kind as to test it on your end? Just submit the form with the two possibilities and compare the submissions on the “Submissions” page.

    No plugin conflict on my end, BTW. Thank you!

    Plugin Support Adam – WPMU DEV Support


    Hi @codimex

    Are you sure that you share a correct form?

    I just imported it to my setup and there’s no hidden fields in it, no conditionally visible fields either – so pretty much nothing that’s been discussed here so far. Could you double-check that, please?

    Kind regards,

    Hi Adam! D*mn, you’re right! Sorry for the inconvenience, this is the form I’ve been testing out. :/ Problems I find:

    -The summary html field displays hidden-by-conditional fields tags. It would be nice that hidden-by-conditional fields are not displayed when fetched via magic tag to avoid creating one HTML summary field per case.

    -When a date field is conditioning two other fields (for example, when you select Saturday or Sunday), they are displayed in the submitted email, but not in the submission database tab.

    I don’t know if both issues are related, or if it just happens to me (I followed your “Getting Support Flowchart” and it really looks like it’s not an expected outcome). Anyway, I really appreciate your readiness to help with this issue!

    Plugin Support Adam – WPMU DEV Support


    Hi @codimex

    Thanks for sharing the form and for additional explanation.

    I’ve imported this form and I actually was able to test it now. I can confirm the issue with the hidden field being actually “rendered” inside the HTML field and I believe this is a bug. I’ve already reported it to our developers.

    As for the second issue – I did try to test it but I’m not sure if I got “consistent” results. May I ask you for one more test on your end?

    Please try setting all the fields that are “conditional” to have their visbility rules set based solely on “Hide” logic rather than “Show”. So, e.g. instead “show if something is” try “hide if something is not” and see if that still generates the issue for you or not.

    Let me know, please.

    Best regards,



    Hi again, Adam and WPMU Team!

    Thank you for reporting the first issue. Hope it’s fixed soon! 🙂

    About the second issue, I’ve performed several tests with the same result. Let me illustrate with screenshots:

    1) First, I set all the conditionals as you asked. This link contains the exported form, and you can see how conditionals are set in this screenshot.

    2) The first scenario works OK (i.e, when datepicker only conditions one field). This is a screenshot the frontend submission and this is a screenshot of the backend recorded values.

    3) The second scenario has the reported error: no values are recorded when a datepicker conditions two fields via “Day is”/”Day is not” conditional rule. This is a screenshot of the frontend submission and this is a screenshot of the backend NOT recorded values.

    Plus, the two select fields (conditioned if the datepicker is Saturday or Sunday) are shown if you run the form on a different day than Saturday or Sunday. Trying to set the datepicker default date to “None” definitely crashes the datepicker and the select fields.

    Thank you for all your efforts on this. I think we’re arriving at something. Forminator is now awesome, but once this details are fixed, it will be unbeatable.

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    Plugin Support Adam – WPMU DEV Support


    Hi @codimex

    Thanks for testing this and getting back to me with such a detailed summary. It helped a lot!

    I imported the form again and did some more tests and was able to replicate that. I also checked with various combinations of the visibility conditions (to achieve the same effect of fields showing on the form but in different ways) and in any case there was always “some” data missing from those date picker fields that are conditioned by two conditions.

    This means that there must be some “flaw” in the way this logic works so I’ve reported this to our developers too.

    As for the first issue (HTML), I see that there’s already a patch proposed so it will now just need to be accepted by the lead developer of the plugin and sent to our QA team for final tests – but it’s “on the way”. So that’s a good news, I believe.

    As for this “conditions”, it might take a bit longer as it probably will need quite a lot of internal testing (to make sure that changes fixing this one don’t break anything else) but I’m sure we’ll deal with that too 🙂

    Best regards,

    Thank goodness! I wasn’t crazy!!! YEIIIHHH!!! Looking forward the magical update that will solve all these issues. Thank you! Best regards, too!

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