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  1. kimeshan
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Quick question, I want to use GD star rating as part of the review components for each product on my site. However I do not want to have to create a page for each product manually. I want to design a generic product page in PHP that will pull information from my product database. The product ID (unique key in the database) will be passed in the URL so that when product 202, for example, is clicked it will go to http://www.mywebsite.com/product?id=202 and this will bring up the generic product page that will be populated with details from the database.

    So basically I need the ratings from GD Star Rating to be linked to my product ID. I will then pull the ratings from the appropriate database table (where GD Star Rating stores the ratings) to populate each product page.

    Hope this makes sense. Will GD Star allow me to do this? If I a insert GD star rating on a page, will it be linked to a specific page or can I insert it into my generic page and have it dynamically linked to the appropriate product ID?

    Help will be much appreciated.


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