• Service will start as free or very minimal fee per API call. After month or two you will be surprised with many bills. Don’t step into this money sucking service.
    When subscribed they told me I will be charged as per API call and for one purchase it will be 4/5 API calls. It will be charging couple of cents per API call.
    There were no required payment method setup option and first time they charged $30 minimum fee + $50 (payment attempt failure fee. At that point I just had one purchase in my website. I cancelled their subscription, agreed to pay $30 but $50 waived.
    After one month we received another bill of $65 saying for having open account for last two months. All these billing they never mention when you discuss but when bill is generated then you are in trap with no exit. It will kill hours and at some point you give up. Doing this you will loose at least $100-$200.

    When I wasn’t able to login, I did password recovery and it enabled my tax account for every states in USA and now they force you to pay full one month payment just because of their hidden way of enabling tax account.

    After spending hours in chat and emailing them, I end up paying $100 for one f… transaction.


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  • Hi Sorry for your experience. But we need to point out a couple of facts associated with your post.

    1.) We have a recurring monthly minimum charge of $30 for active accounts.
    2.) You were charged $65 dollars for 3 months of access and usage of our API’s (first month free)
    3.) Clients can cancel and close your account at any time, there is no “trap with no exit”.
    4.) You were not forced into every state, you selected in your set-up our Enhanced Services service option which activates our 25 Member states. You could also just turn on states individually based on your collection obligations.
    5.) The late fee was apparently waived so the total bill would have been $65 for 122 api calls over 3 months of account access, not $100 for 1 transaction. Our API pricing is clear and can be viewed here https://taxcloud.com/pricing/core-services

    Best of luck in the future.

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    First time when I resolve the fine issue, representative told if you can add payment method now then I can request to waive the payment delay fine. So I added the payment method and discovered that, once I add any payment method I can’t remove it. That was another tricks to catch. So they can keep charging me for whatever reason they feel.

    We started with $9(not sure the exact amount at this moment) payment per month and api fees per transaction and then your company declared our policy has changed now you have to pa $30.

    Few weeks later I see another bill and now that was also based on your policy I didn’t know surprisingly. I was chatting with agent to get rid of that.
    In the mean time I wasn’t able to login so I reset my password and taxcloud secretly without consent enabled my account and charged me $30.

    I’m not writing here for any apologies. I’m writing so others don’t get deceived with taxcloud’s so called FREE offers.

    By profession I’m not a business man yet but software engineer. I understand website links or urls. Don’t share it here, share it with ppl when they buy your service and tell your chatting agents to clearly inform the clients about all these hidden charges.


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