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  • I have spent hours and hours attempting to fix issues with this plugin. The version stored in the plugins repository has an incomplete inclusion of the modernizr javascript library which causes a conflict with jQuery.isotope .. solution there was to replace the plugin library with a complete copy of modernizr…

    Said modernizr script is stored with a host of other files in a COMPLETELY inappropriate separate folder called themes-ai1ec which gets created in /wp-content on install in most versions I have tried… and DOES NOT GET REMOVED on uninstall!!!!

    If this folder is left in place after an upgrade… in every attempt I have made… the site dies with a fatal error 500 — even on the index.

    I just downloaded and installed the latest plugin from the Timely site…. upon install of that one… I tried to add a Google calendar feed and could only get a message “Invalid ICS feed ID” even with the google public weather calendar.

    I just removed the folders AGAIN without deactivating the plugin and reuploaded the files I downloaded from the Timely site… upon activating the plugin THIS TIME — Behold!!!! the themes-ai1ec is not in /wp-content this time…. it is in /wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/themes-ai1ec — where it should be… maybe that will work.

    Anyway, as you can see, I am exasperated beyond all reasonable comprehension at HOW INCREDIBLY BAD THIS PLUGIN IS….

    Save yourself a whole lot of time — learn to write plugins and do your own from scratch… even if it takes 3 years… it will be less work than this thing.


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