• This company offered me a 2 week trial and a discount if I paid for 12 months in advance. I finally got set up and had 6 days of the demo before they charged the full 12 months to my credit card and refused to give the discount. I offered some suggestions on how to make the platform more functional for back-end users. They said they would make the changes but would charge me for them. 2 months later I cancelled my account with them – they will not refund the remainder of the 12 months. Initially, the sales rep was great to deal with but once they have your credit card, all friendly customer service goes out the window. Disgusting, greedy people. Go elsewhere.

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    @calvinyeh This is a valid review.

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    @jdembowski and @kitegirlcoach I am responding on behalf of @calvinyeh and Timely.

    @kitegirlcoach We are sorry about your recently experience with us. In fact, your complain relates to our SaaS product, and not our WordPress plugin, so in our view the appropriate forum to raise these issues would be directly with our customer success team by email or by a support ticket.

    Anyway, I would like to clarify that you were a customer of Timely for a brief period of time. In October 2020 you contacted us to learn more about our SaaS event management software. We sent you an annual subscription quote, which you accepted, and gave you an extended free trial of 4 weeks, as courtesy. In November 2020, we set you up in our platform and helped you migrate your events. It seems you used our platform for more than 2 months and, in January 2021, decided to cancel your account without providing any reason.

    Our terms of service and the quote you received are very clear about the annual subscription and the cancellation policy. We do not offer monthly subscription plans for our SaaS products.

    With respect to your suggestions on how to make the platform more functional for back-end users, we appreciate your feedback. However, we sell our software as is, and any customizations requested by clients are considered a separate project. This is a standard practice in the software industry since companies cannot accommodate all clients’ requests for free.

    We are really sorry to see you go. We did everything we could to help you succeed with our SaaS event management platform, we had several back and forth emails, online meetings and onboarding sessions, and even gave you IT support with your WP website and issues you were having with other plugins. However, we understand your decision and wish you the best.

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    Above, you say I should raise these issues directly with you via email or support ticket and then you confirm that’s exactly what I did. I am writing in frustration on this forum because I got no where. No, you didn’t offer a 4 week trial, nor did you wait that long to charge me.

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