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    NOT impressed with the plugin at all. All it offers is what a developer can do in no time. It’s simpler and more effortless to go that approach.

    They have deliberate misleading information on their refund policy. It states 15-day money-back guarantee yet they make it impossible for consumers to claim their money back as all possible reasons for a refund break their several clauses in place.

    Clause 8 states “And you can’t ask for a refund just like that.” Why can’t consumers ask for a refund just like that? Other plugins offer this because they are 100% confident in their product. This is unprofessional and a direct contradiction with their money-back guarantee promise.

    I have come across businesses like this before. They spend more time planning to make a quick buck rather than develop a decent plugin. They won’t be operating for long and you’ll end up with a plugin that’s outdated. They seem more about enticing consumers to purchase their product rather than provide a good service. Even their customer support ticket system takes users on an endless loop.

    There are much better plugins out there such as PowerPack, Ultimate Addons and Jet Elements.

    Do your research!

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