• thelyrist


    1. The plugin does not use standard GA implementation (i.e., not gtm or code that can recognize in omnibug or even google tag assistant.
    that means the data (site visit and other info) are potentially first routed through monsterinsights before they fire the proper GA events, etc.
    2. Unnecessarily long list of access requested by the plugin that are not totally necessary doesn’t spark confidence.
    3. The terms of use and privacy policy doesn’t really talk about how the data is collected, used, or safeguarded.
    4. It is simple enough to install GTM and start basic tracking already. You don’t really need this plugin.

    That is, the risk is much higher than the benefit. You have to ask yourself why you are giving all those information to a third party when you don’t really have to. The vague privacy policy and term of use (privacy policy talks about the use about their site but not the use of their plugin). The plugin author is not very forthcoming or honest (why ask for permission that you don’t really need, as mentioned by other reviewers)?

    I inherited this plugin from a wordpress built by an amateur; I disable this right away and redo all necessary GTM and GA set up in less than 30 min.

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  • Plugin Author chriscct7


    Hi there,
    1. We not only use the standard GA implementation, Google actually borrows a lot of the text for our documentation on implementing GA code, particularly in the Japanese translations of their developer documentation. Google Tag Assistant, which is not currently being actively maintained, has problems detecting quite a number of GA implementations, particularly in cases of multiple Google provided tags on a page. As MonsterInsights fires the pageview event, by definition all event calls for GA have to follow (as that’s how GA’s tagging system works; pageviews before events). MonsterInsights works directly with the Google Analytics tag development team on best practices and future development, and we collaborate quite a bit on ideas.

    2 & 3, it sounds like you’re looking at the wrong privacy policy (the one for our eCommerce website), but you can find a detailed breakdown of why we ask for the permissions that we do here: https://www.monsterinsights.com/docs/google-permissions-for-oauth/ where we walk through them all permission by permission. The events fired on a page, like normal GA tags, go directly to Google, not to us, so for the storage of that, you’ll want to check out Google’s privacy policy, which can be found here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=en

    4. Aside from the complexity of GTM, MonsterInsights does a lot more than default GTM snippets for GA. A lot of what we do is completely custom, for example our integrations with WooCommerce & EDD and is a lot more accurate than would be possible in a strictly Javascript based solution. Additionally, GTM doesn’t provide you with any reporting, so you’d have to use GA’s confusing dashboard, wheras MonsterInsights provides custom reports directly inside the WordPress dashboard without any of the confusion or hassle of having to log into Google Analytics.

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