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    Hello. I am not sure if I should have started a new topic. First time using the program for non-Google Ads.

    I have an account with AVN Ads and they have the option of either choosing “Javascript Mode” or “Iframe Mode”. I chose Javascript, copied and pasted the code into the “Create Ads” section of “Manage/Adunits” (which is on the WordPress dashboard) and selected “Import to New Ad Unit”.

    I left everything as Default except for the banner size. I left the “Wrap html code” boxes empty. Put the widget onto my sidebar and nothing appears on my webpage.

    So was curious about what to do to solve this. What am I not getting? Thanks.


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  • cryogenn: That’s a new network 🙂 I’ll add support in the next release. Currently I expect that it’s importing the ad code as HTML code (it’ll be listed under that on the Manage » Ad Units page?)

    If it’s doing that correctly it shouldn’t matter whether you use Javascript or IFrame mode so don’t worry about that.

    One thing I would check is to open up the Network Settings for the HTML Code set and make sure that all the view settings are set to “yes”. Then Save again.

    There have been some bugs with the defaults not being set: I’m looking into at the moment.

    As I say native support for AVN will be added in the next couple of releases 🙂 Thanks for the headsup.

    Also, check you’re using the latest version 3.0.9. Thanks!

    It works now. Using the latest 3.0.11

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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